We´re always asked about what is so special about our MAXNOMIC® seats? Of course we can write a lot about it and always answer your questions concerning our products. Due to the success of our racing seats there are numerous free-riders offering "racing seats" as well. We therefore have bought such a seat to show the differences.

In the following, we have a direct comparison between one of our CASUAL-SPORT chairs for € 269.00 and a no-name product, which is available for € 169.00.There is a price difference of only € 100.00 between these chairs.

Let´s get started! Both seats are unpacked and the supplied parts are well examined. Both look really good. ;)

But if you look more closely you´ll find the first differences. Our seat has an aluminum star base with a 65cm diameter and the no-name product has a synthetic star base with a 60cm diameter.

The difference becomes clearer, when you have a look underneath the seats. While you can well observe the massive metal constructions below our seat, the opponent has a small part of non-woven geotextile, which was tacked together with the seat covering under the seat.

Here again the details. Our seat covering is perfectly sewn and equipped with metal bars from inside. They are clamped to the metal bars which are welded to the seat construction. The fixing needles of the no-name product lead us to suspect what might be beneath it…to be continued.

Here you can see even more differences. Our massive and comfortable tilt-mechanism (with five fixable positions) compared the simple sheet steel tilt-mechanism. Even the screws are different, we have 4 x M8 steel-screws, and the other chair has 4 x M6 screws …

The mounting of both seats are very simple. Both seats are set to the same height but especially the different sizes of the backrests are clearly visible.

Seat test:
Images speak for themselves: While our MAXNOMIC® supports you from the back area to the head and the armrests are adjustable, the armrests of the no-name product are not supporting this function.
Furthermore the upholstery is extremely soft which not a sign of a qualitative inside material is.

The high-class processing of our seats does not stop at the invisible places. The opposite is the case with the no-name product. Even we were quite surprised.

It´s getting serious now!
We want to know it now! Simply take a knife and…it is cruel but we have to do this.

We are sorry we cannot show to you how the cover materials feel like, but the difference is quite visible :-)
We are more curious to see what is below. Our seats have very high-dense cold foam upholstery just as used for high-quality mattresses. The no-name product uses more simple foam, which really falls apart while opening. While it is more difficult to open our upholstery, the no-name product reveals amazing things.

The same look emerges in the seat. Cold foam molding with us - the no-name product on the other hand comes out with something different. Under the foam layer we discover pressed as a filler foam waste in many bright colors.

That is how the back of the chairs look like. We have elastic straps and molded cold cure foam, the noname product has a wooden panel…

We want to know it exactly! While we remove the molded cold cure foam from our chair, we use an electric all-purpose saw for the no name chair.

While we are still sawing at the no name chair, we now remove parts of the seat base.

Even the pronounced side bolster contain have a molded cold cure foam around the sturdy tubular steel frame. The other chair is done and was cut in half.

Here is the overview. The picture should speak for itself.

.. and here the details. Easy to see: a sturdy tubular steel frame and high quality materials on the left – wooden panel and clued on foam waste on the right.

The backrest in comparison. No words needed.

The cover materials are interesting. It shows that faux leather is not always the same.

You can see both seat corpses in our showroom.
Finally, we want to mention that our purpose was not to set other products in a negative light or furthermore to compare apples with pears.
There is “only” a prize difference of around 100,- EUR.
We think: Your back should be worth that much!