SeatQuake System - Feel the Sound!


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Don’t just see and hear your Games, music and video, FEEL them! Our SeatQuake-System for MAXNOMIC® Gaming Chairs makes it possible.

SeatQuake converts the bass tones from your audio into vibrations in your seat, making games, music and video an entirely new experience!

Works with gaming consoles, computers, portable players and many other audio sources.

The SeatQuake base unit consists of a 5mm thick solid aluminum plate that is custom made for our MAXNOMIC® sport seats and mounts firmly between the seat and the tilt mechanism. At the end of the plate is the vibration unit (also known as BASS PUMP). It works like a bass speaker (subwoofer), but without a membrane that could rupture, sending the vibrations directly into the chair and ultimately to the user. The system makes almost no noise! You can play at moderate volumes, even listen to music, enjoying the full bass experience as the unit is controlled separately with the SQ-AMP.

You will not believe it until you try it … but beware: SeatQuake is highly addictive! ;-)

The system is powered by a separate subwoofer amplifier, the SQ AMP. This is specially designed for the SeatQuake base unit and is housed in a sharp anthracite-colored MDF housing. Power and frequency range may be easily adjusted to your preference via rotary controls.

Cables for the most common connections are included in the package. If you have unique connections or are not certain what you need, just send us an e-mail with your concern and we will be glad to help.

The SeatQuake base unit is connected via an included* speaker cable with jack plugs.
It’s easy to use the chair normally, for work as an example, simply disconnect the cable.

In order to prevent accidental rolling over the speaker cable, the SeatQuake kit also includes the SQ cable stand. The stand holds the cable at the proper height and distance and may be placed behind the chair, giving you plenty of room to move.

NEEDforSEAT® brings all these components together as a complete set: the SeatQuake KIT. This complete package turns your gaming chair into a new experience.

Fine tune your MAXNOMIC® chair with options from our ACCESSORIES category.

SeatQuake is also available for any chair sold by NEEDforSEAT® (including DXRacer until February 2014).
Please contact us before ordering to ensure you get the right parts for your specific requirements.

* Speaker cable is only supplied when purchasing the SQ-AMP or the SeatQuake kit.