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Introducing NEEDforSEAT® 

Really? Over 10 Years Already?

… at least that’s what we asked ourselves while updating this text. But it’s true!

In 2011, we started to sell gaming chairs on our platform needforseat.de for the whole of Europe. Therefore, we are the “oldest” exclusive marketer for gaming- and eSport chairs in Germany. 

At the end of 2012, we added our sales department in the USA and later another store in France followed. 

Initially, we offered external products on our website, but our own quality requirements exceeded those of the offered products. In order to reach a higher quality and better configuration, we began to develop our very own products in cooperation with gamers and eSport organizations in 2013 already.

In 2014 it finally happened: Our own MAXNOMIC® eSport chairs were born into this world and celebrated by our community. 

The brand name consists of the two terms “maximum” and “ergonomic” and exactly represents the kind of requirements we set for our products. Developed in Germany and produced under strict quality controls in Asia, our chairs outshone all the other gaming chair manufacturers.

Not only have we been the first manufacturer situated in the gaming scene who equipped their chairs with a 4D armrest (adjustable into four different directions), but at the same time the first one to offer four different size categories. A lot of detail improvement and the presentation of different designs were to follow.

Due to our high quality standards, our friendly service and last but not least the fact that we put our heart into what we do, we were able to collaborate with eSport organizations and teams all over the world.

ESL, DREAMHACK, LVL, QLASH, X-BOX, TAKETV … and after all this time many more – we can impossibly mention all of you in here. Consider yourselves hugged!

In all those years we always stayed true to ourselves. The best quality and service possible are far more important to us than quantity. This is why our chairs are exclusively available at our own shops, not from other distributors. You wouldn’t buy your car at a bakery store, would you?

We never wanted to be the biggest. We wanted to be the best.

The resulting faith in us and our products lead to our chairs establishing themselves not only with streamers and eSport events all over the world, they are also present in companies' offices and home office environments.

Since we are able to personalize our chairs for you – starting from a simple name embroidery through to multi-coloured logos – whole offices and meeting rooms are equipped with their very own MAXNOMIC® chairs by now.

Even own chair designs, which colours match the company’s CI, are (starting from specific quantities) possible.

In short: There is almost nothing our wonderful team can’t do!
For the next years to come, we already have quite a few innovations waiting for you – stay tuned!

We are looking forward to many more years with you,




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