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„Sometimes it’s better to handle things on your own.“

That’s exactly what we did at NEEDforSEAT®. Since 2011 our owner-managed company Maxnomic GmbH (formerly Marco Wörenkämper e.K.) is located in Germany and sells eSports chairs that are made for the longterm requirements in eSports, gaming & office.


Due to many years of experience our team at NEEDforSEAT® has always been trying to not only sell the products but develop them further and improve them continuously. Unfortunately our former manufacturer didn’t think that way and all innovations as well as general suggestions for improvement have been turned down.

That’s when we decided to develop our own products: Since March 2014 we’re successfully selling our very own brand MAXNOMIC®. The name speaks for itself, it is a combination of „maximum“ and „ergonomic“.

Our chairs are being engineered and designed at NEEDforSEAT® in Germany before they are being produced in China according to strict quality guidelines.

At NEEDforSEAT® customer service and qualified consulting comes first.

That’s why our original MAXNOMIC® chairs can exclusively be purchased directly via NEEDforSEAT® Europe, NEEDforSEAT® France as well as NEEDforSEAT® USA and not on the website of the famous „online bookstore“ or the computer shop around the corner.
You wouldn’t buy your car at the baker’s, would you?

Our whole team – from order management to the in-house logistics guy – consists of people who do not only know every product by heart but who also use our products day by day and put all their effort into the continuous development.

In case there is a need for support we will help you personally, quickly and – above all – fuss-free. Of course this still applies when your two-year-warranty is over.

All spare parts are in stock at all times so that a quick replacement of any part can be assured.

When it comes to accessories you will only find products in our shop that meet our high standards. We’re testing new components ourselves before we offer them in our online shop.

It is this passion for our own product and our great commitment in eSports, that made huge eSports organizations such as ESL and DREAMHACK Sweden swear by our original MAXNOMIC® seats and that’s why they love using them.

Our MAXNOMIC® chairs are the result of the complete feedback from our customers and the opinion of hundreds of professional gamers from all around the globe and the outcome speaks for itself.

All our chairs come with the following features:

• An extremely sturdy and additionally fortified steel frame with a pipe wall thickness of 2mm minimum (most other manufacturers only use 1 – 1.5mm!)

• Upholsteries made from PU and cold cured foam components suitable for the particular categories. Even after permanent usage the upholsteries will still provide sufficient support instead of feeling worn out.

• Freely adjustable backrests with safety limit stops to prevent the chair from tilting beyond lying position.

• Perfectly movable 4D armrests that cannot only be adjusted in height but also in depth, to both sides and in the angle.

• A convenient and sturdy tilt mechanism with 5 lockable positions (no simple sheet steel rockers).

Class 4 (!) gas springs – verified by the Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV / LGA). Many other manufacturers keep using class 3 gas springs.

• Fortified metal star bases made from aluminium pressure die-casting – no synthetics!

So please take a close look before buying a „gaming chair“ and don’t be satisfied with less than an original MAXNOMIC® eSports chair!

Of course there are many more details and a huge variety of models! All information can be found in our online shop.

Marco Wörenkämper

Directing Manager




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