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Standard Chair Base MAXNOMIC®
Standard Chair Base
The big standard safety chair base for all our MAXNOMIC® models is built to last! This high quality aluminum base comes with a diameter of 70 cm (27.5 inches) and provides stability at all times. Smaller chair bases or bases made of...
€24.90 *
Tilt Mechanism MAXNOMIC®
Tilt Mechanism
All our MAXNOMIC® chairs come with a big and durable tilt mechanism incl. two levers that provides the highest level of comfort and incredible strength. The tilt mechanism has two control levers: 1. Height Adjustment (infinitely...
€39.90 *
Standard Wheels MAXNOMIC®
Standard Wheels
The standard wheels for our MAXNOMIC® chairs are suitable for nearly every kind of floor. The wide wheels come with a PU (polyurethane) coating that distributes weight equally and prevent the floor from damages. We deliberately decided...
€14.90 *
Levers for Tilt Mechanism MAXNOMIC®
Levers for Tilt Mechanism
Plastic levers for the tilt mechanism of our MAXNOMIC® chairs. Set of 2: Both levers are included.
€9.90 *
Standard Arm Rests MAXNOMIC®
Standard Arm Rests
All MAXNOMIC® chairs are assembled with professional “4D” armrests allowing four directions of adjustment: • Eight position height adjustment (convenient control knob under the arm rest) • Three adjustable positions left to right using a...
From €19.90 *
NEEDforSEAT® Head Pillow NEEDforSEAT® Head Pillow
A useful head pillow for our MAXNOMIC® chairs with the NEEDforSEAT® embroidery. It features an elastic band with anti-slip coating so it can easily be fastened to the chair. Very comfortable and fully machine washable! Super soft Velvety...
€19.90 *
MAXNOMIC® Arm Rests Set
World’s first and copyright protected gaming chair arm rest with FINGER REST! Of course our new armrest also comes with the full "4D" functionality: • Eight position height adjustment (convenient control knob under the armrest) • Three...
€59.90 *
Chair Base - XL MAXNOMIC®
Chair Base - XL
Strengthened 80 cm chair base (standard chair bases come with a maximum diameter of only 70 cm)! This huge chair base is custom-built for our XL-SERIES and is meant for these models only. Smaller chair bases or bases made of plastic? We...
€39.90 *
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