Black Fr*day?! No, BLACK NOVEMBER!

Dear NEEDforSEAT® friends,

another crazy year in this pandemic is coming to an end – and it looks like the whole planet is waiting for super cheap bargains, which will unfortunately not be realistic this year.

The international delivery situation remains tense, and the chance of supply difficulties for many chair models in December is high.

Because of that, we also decided to launch a BLACK NOVEMBER instead of a Black Fr*day this year: 10% off all MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs (including pre-orders!) with the code BLACKNOVEMBER for the whole of November!

Additionally, we are extending the withdrawal period for chairs until December 31th, 2021. Starting from November 2nd 2021, all MAXNOMIC® gaming chair purchases can be withdrawn until December 31th, 2021. In this way, even early bought christmas presents can be revoked until the end of the year - just in case. Please click here to read the guidline about our extended right of withdrawal.

By doing this, all of you will have the chance to secure yourself an original MAXNOMIC® even before Christmas and save some good money on top of it. Moreover, it will improve the shipping situation a lot and our supply team will be deeply grateful!

It works like this:
Choose your desired MAXNOMIC® (it works best with our selection guide), place it in your shopping cart and use the code BLACKNOVEMBER in the last step of your order.

Happy shopping!

Your NEEDforSEAT® team

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