Play your way – it doesn’t always have to be black and orange ;)

January 2022 update: GOOD NEWS! Our pastel chairs are in stock!

As of now, the MAXNOMIC® DOMINATOR EE and MAXNOMIC® LEADER EE will be available in the pastel colours Light Blue, Light Green and Light Magenta! These fresh, new colours are the perfect match for your very unique setup.

Our MAXNOMIC® EXECUTIVE EDITION (EE) gaming chairs are based on the design of our top sellers DOMINATOR and LEADER – and we equipped them with even more premium features. These chair models come with an integrated, adjustable lumbar support in the back as well as additional upholstering and a microfibre fabric cover on their seating surface and backrest. Moreover, all chairs of the MAXNOMIC® EXECUTIVE EDITION (EE) are by default provided with our MAXNOMIC® 4D armrests with custom handheld grips.

Take a seat on your own pastel cloud that doesn’t only look stylish but also offers next level ergonomic seating comfort! Of course, these chair models can also be customized with an embroidery of your choice!

The MAXNOMIC® EXECUTIVE EDITION pastel colours are available in PRO-GAMING (M) and OFFICE-COMFORT (L) sizes:

MAXNOMIC® PRO-GAMING (M) seats are built for users with a body size from 1.65m to 1.84m (5’5” to 6’1”) and a recommended weight up to approximately 100kg (220 pounds).

MAXNOMIC® OFFICE-COMFORT (L) seats are built for users with a body size from 1.85 m to 2.00m (6’1” to 6’7”) and a recommended weight up to approximately 130kg (285 pounds).

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