No matter if used for gaming, office or just because you like them: Here’s where you can find out all the details
about our original MAXNOMIC® chairs.

The sporty alternative to an ordinary office chair!
MAXNOMIC® chairs have got the looks and provide your back with the ideal support while spending hours
sitting in front of the computer.

Comfy office chair and eSports / gaming seat in one!
That’s exactly what our MAXNOMIC® eSports seats offer.


Why leatherrette?
Our chairs are made of high-quality faux-leather (PU). We deliberately refrain from using real leather since we’d like
to distance ourselves from the conditions for real leather products in the production country and the
related animal husbandry.

We don’t want any animals to suffer for our products!

Additionally it might be the case that toxic chemical residues remain in cheap real leather after the tanning process
which is something we don’t want for our products.

Our high-quality faux-leather is easy to clean: You can use a wet microfibre cloth to clean your chair and to make
sure the material keeps its humidity and lasts long. Any stains etc. can be easily removed – as opposed to chairs
made of fabric. Liquids such as sweat will be absorbed by the fabric which makes the chair an unhygienic
experience after some time.

That’s why our chairs are exclusively available with faux-leather.

The components are what matter!
Premium office and gaming chairs offer the user many years of service – that’s why we only use high quality
components and materials for our MAXNOMIC® chairs.

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All MAXNOMIC® chairs come with professional “4D” armrests that allow four directions of adjustment:

•Eight position height adjustment (convenient control knob under the armrest)
• Three adjustable positions (left, centre, right) using a control knob
• Moving forward and backward with a metal control knob in five positions
• Rotatable (right / left) to 11 degrees with fixed positions via a metal control knob

Our padded armrests are soft, easy to clean and provide maximum comfort.

Dimensions of the armrests: 10cm width, 26.5cm length (4” x 10.5”) Height adjustment +/- 9cm (3.54“)



All our MAXNOMIC® chairs come with a big and durable tilt mechanism that provides the highest level of comfort and incredible strength.

The tilt mechanism has two control levers:
1. Height Adjustment (infinitely adjustable for ca. 10 cm)
2. Locking Function: Five fixable positions

With this mechanism the whole chair can be tilted up to 11 degrees!

By using the knob below the seat the resistance of the tilt mechanism can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight.



Our safety backrests are highly variable and come with a total of 56 degrees of adjustability (upright position: about 83 degrees; reclined position: 139 degrees).

Combined with the five position tilt mechanism, the chair can be reclined for 67 degrees, allowing a relaxed reclining position without the danger of tilting back.

Because the backrest and sitting element of the chair can be adjusted independently, every user is able to find his or her perfect position.

Ergonomically valuable:
When leaning forward while sitting, the backrest will still support your spine because it can be adjusted to an upright angle of 83 degrees (90 degrees = vertical).



An adjustable backrest with a built-in lumbar support for the spine is important - especially for tall users.

Every model of our OFFICE-COMFORT category comes with an adjustable lumbar support that’s featured in the backrest; it can be adjusted with a control knob on the right side of the chair.

By rotating the knob, you control the amount of pressure to comfortably support the spine.



The big standard safety chair base for all our MAXNOMIC® models is built to last!

This high quality aluminum base comes with a diameter of 70 cm (27.5 inches) and provides stability at all times.

Smaller chair bases or bases made of plastic? We would never do that to our chairs!

Our XL-SERIES even comes with a newly designed chair base with a diameter of 80(!) cm (31.50 inches) – unique for eSports chairs!

The black, slightly matte gloss finish is durable, easy to clean and makes the base look both elegant and sporty.



One of the most important but underestimated parts of a chair is the gas spring.

We only use class 4 gas springs for our chairs (usually only class 2 or 3 gas springs are used).

These gas springs are extremely strong, long lasting and support up to 180 kg (400 pounds).

Freely adjustable height of +/- ca. 10cm (gas spring MEDIUM / LARGE); +/- 5 cm (gas spring SMALL)



The standard wheels for our MAXNOMIC® chairs are suitable for nearly every kind of floor. The wide wheels come with a PU (polyurethane) coating that distributes weight equally and prevent the floor from damages.

We deliberately decided to not equip our standard wheels with brakes for these can damage the floor as a result of incorrect use.

Due to the PU (polyurethane) coating, the wheels are rolling smoothly and quietly.

Wheel diameter: approx. 5 cm (2 inches)

Width of PU wheel tread: 1.2cm (0.5 inches)

More wheels for our MAXNOMIC® chairs can be found here.



When you order one of our chairs you’ll receive these comfy head and lumbar cushions for free with your chair.*

Head Pillow: Soft luxurious suede with hollow fibre filling, embroidered MAXNOMIC® logo, elastic strap with anti-slip coating on the back.
Fully machine washable (up to 30C/86F, gentle cycle).
Size: 29 (W) x 18 (H) x 11 (D) cm

 11.42‘‘ (W) x 7.09‘‘ (L) x 4.33‘‘ (D)

Lumbar Support Cushion: The same fluffy suede fabric with molded cold cure foam filling.
Removable cover for washing (gentle cycle up to 30C/86F).
Size: 31 (W) x 18 (H) x 7 (D) cm

12.20‘‘ (W) x 7.09‘‘ (L) x 2.75‘‘


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