MAXNOMIC® as Official Gaming Chair Partner for PENTA

Let’s go PENTA! We are more than excited to introduce our new partner to you today.

PENTA was founded in the year 2013 and is a merger of the former organisations Concordia Gaming, club diamondZ e.V., KomaCrew e.V., KD-Gaming e.V. and logiX e.V..
In game titles like League of Legends, FIFA and Hearthstone, PENTA supports professional players and even cooperates with the German sports club TSV 1860 München under the brand PENTA 1860. The professional team of PENTA 1860 won the First Division of League of Legends’ Prime League three times in a row, which made them rise up into the highest of divisions, the so-called Pro Division. In 2021, the League of Legends team PENTA 1860 competed in the Pro Division Prime League’s Summer Split and earned themselves second place, close behind the team of Berlin International Gaming.

We are enthusiastic about PENTA’s team spirit and their demonstration of what is possible with cohesion and professional training! It is a great pleasure for us to literally have the back of PENTA’s players and to provide them with premium MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs, since appropriate equipment is closely tied to reaching your personal best.

Both the professional team of PENTA 1860 and the PENTA eSport Leistungszentrum (a centre for training and performance) in Berlin are being equipped with the MAXNOMIC® DOMINATOR EXECUTIVE EDITION along with exclusive PENTA logo embroidery by us. The gaming chairs of the MAXNOMIC® EXECUTIVE EDITION provide excellent features and maximum seating comfort and come in 10 different colours. Whether it is a deep green for the players of PENTA 1860 or a vibrant orange for the PENTA eSport Leistungszentrum - MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs do not only fit ergonomically, but also with their looks.

We are proud to embroider the PENTA logo onto our chairs and to not only provide professional teams, but also young players and the community at PENTA eSport Leistungszentrum with premium gaming chairs. The PENTA “ELZ” in Berlin-Lichtenberg opened its doors in 2017 and offers opportunities for professional players as well as amateurs for intensive training, tournaments and conferences. Even in the areas of nutrition, sport and mentality, the ELZ offers support for their players. We think that the ergonomic gaming chairs of MAXNOMIC® fit perfectly into this amazing place – and we are happy to be a new part of the PENTA community!

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