MAXNOMIC® - We stand with Ukraine!

Dear Community, Friends and Partners of NEEDforSEAT® / MAXNOMIC®,

what currently is taking place in Europe is inconceivable and the daily news reaching us from the Ukraine are hard for us to believe.

We think that the least thing we can do now is to help those who are suffering the most under the consequences of a war in Ukraine: the CHILDREN.

This is why we decided to support the UNICEF Ukraine Campaign:

We just donated the first 1000 EUR in this minute. More donations are to come in the following weeks.


And you can help, too! As little as 10 Euros can already help to make a difference. Simply click on the UNICEF link, choose your amount and donate – for example quick and easy via PayPal.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Your NEEDforSEAT® team

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Our Partners and Friends

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