We’re often asked about what’s so special about our MAXNOMIC® eSports seats.

Of course we can write a lot about it and we always answer your questions concerning our products. Due to the success of our racing seats there are now numerous "free-riders" offering "gaming seats" as well.

But what exactly are the differences between our eSports seats and those of our competitors?

To show you the differences we bought a no-name “racing seat”.
In the following we will show you a direct comparison between one of our CASUAL-SPORT chairs for € 279.00 and a no-name product that is available for € 169.00. There is a price difference of only € 110.00 between these chairs.

Let´s get started! Both seats are now unpacked and the supplied parts were well examined. Both seem to look really good ;-)

But if you take a closer look you´ll find the first differences. Our eSports seat has an aluminum star base with a 65cm diameter while the no-name product has a plastic star base with a 60cm diameter.

The differences become even more significant when you take a look underneath both seats. Where you can clearly spot the solid metal construction below our seat, there’s just a little non-woven fabric underneath the opponent’s seat, simply stapled to the seat covering.

Here’s a more detailed view: The seat covering of our eSports seat is neatly sewn and strengthened with metal bars from inside. The inner metal bars are clamped to the metal bars that are welded to the seat construction.

The staples in the no-name product are giving us a vague idea of what might be underneath…we’ll get back to this later.

This is where we notice even more significant differences: Our solid and convenient tilt-mechanism (with five lockable positions) compared to the simple steel plate tilt-mechanism.

Even the screws are different: We’re using 4 x M8 steel screws while the other chair comes with 4 x M6 screws …

The assembly of both seats is very simple. Both have been set to the same height but especially the different sizes of the backrests are clearly visible in this picture.

Seat test. The images speak for themselves: Our MAXNOMIC® eSports chair supports you from the back area to the head and the backrest is adjustable while the backrest of the no-name product doesn’t support this function at all.
Furthermore the upholstery is extremely soft which suggests some low-quality inner material.

The high-class manufacture of our seats does not stop at invisible places. The opposite is the case with the no-name product. Even we were quite surprised.

Now it’s getting serious. We want to find out what’s inside. Just take a sharp knife and...
We know it’s cruel...but we have to get through this. ;-)

Unfortunately we cannot show you how the cover materials feel like but the difference is quite visible. ;-)
Still it is more fascinating what’s inside. Our eSports seats come with a very thick cold cured foam upholstery just as the one that is used for high-quality mattresses. For the no-name product much simpler foam that literally falls apart while opening is used.

The same applies to the seating element. While there’s only one cold cured foam part in our chair, the no-name product comes up with something different. Underneath the foamed material we discover some pressed foam scrap in many bright colours that is used as filling material.

That is what the back of the chairs look like. You can clearly see the elastic straps and the cold cured foam part in our chair while a simple plywood panel becomes visible in the no-name “gaming chair”…

We’d like to know more! While we remove the cold cured foam part from our chair, we use an electric all-purpose saw for the no-name chair.

While we are still sawing the no-name chair apart, let’s focus on the seating element of our eSports chair.


If you take a look at our MAXNOMIC® eSports chair you can see that even the side bolsters of the seating element come with a cold cured foam part that is attached to the sturdy tubular steel frame. In the meantime the other chair has been cut in half.

Here is the overview. The pictures speak for themselves.

...and here’s a more detailed view of the seating element. What’s easy to see: A sturdy tubular steel frame and high-quality materials on the left – a simple plywood panel and affixed foam scrap on the right.

The backrests in comparison – no comment.

The cover materials are quite interesting, too. This shows that faux leather is not always the same.

You can see both “seat corpses” in our show room.
Finally we’d like to make clear that running down other products or comparing apples and pears was not the goal of this demonstration.         

Let’s keep in mind that there is “only” a prize difference of around 100,- EUR between both models.
Our opinion: Your back should be worth this much!




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