We welcome the government's initiative and have been consistently passing on the VAT reduction to you since June 5 via a discount code.
The German Federal Government has agreed on a cut in value added tax (VAT). From 1 July to 31 December 2020, VAT is to be reduced from 19% to 16%. We already grant a 3% discount!
Our MAXNOMIC® 99DAMAGE Clutch King Edition goes out to all 99DAMAGE fans.
Exclusively available at NEEDforSEAT® but only while supplies last – pre-order now!
Imagine a place that has everything a gamer wants. The world's first LVL multi-floor entertainment & gaming center in Berlin - right next to Checkpoint Charlie - is now equipped with MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs. The MAXNOMIC® LVL PRO "has the looks”.

Showroom Reopening!

In order to fight the coronavirus as far as possible to protect both you and our employees, please wear a face mask and keep a safe (physical) distance of 2,00 metres from other people.

Opening hours Easter holidays

Happy Easter holidays!
The QLASH house in Vilorba (Italy) is equipped with MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs.
In times of the coronavirus, we would like to take prevention measures to limit the spread as best as possible too. Avoid contact and protect our loved ones together!
Visit us at the three-day gaming festival where you can enjoy professional eSports tournaments! Hall 4 | Booth 320
How do I properly care for my MAXNOMIC® with synthetic leather cover?

MAXNOMIC® Christmas Raffle EU

1...2..3.........how many wheels were there again?
We from the NEEDforSEAT team are looking forward to the short breaks on the holidays after the exhausting Christmas delivery.

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