MAXNOMIC® ESL 3.0 Edition

New ESL Gaming Chair by MAXNOMIC® - Exclusively available at NEEDforSEAT®!
Meet the MAXNOMIC® Made in Germany gaming and office chair!

#DEARMAXNOMIC Christmas Raffle

Win your favourite Gaming Chair for Christmas!

Team Liquid Christmas Special

Customize your MAXNOMIC® TEAM LIQUID PRO 2.0 chair!
Get a surprise for your order every weekend of Advent!


Get your MAXNOMIC® AIR LOUNGER for free!
The official MAXNOMIC® PUBG Gaming Chair
Official MAXNOMIC® CLOUD9 eSport & Gaming Chair. Exclusively avialaible at NEEDforSEAT®
The League of Legends Worlds 2018 in South Korea. We proudly present the official MAXNOMIC® LoL Worlds 2018 chair!
MAXNOMIC® and the Bayern Ballers at the EGX PlayStation Main Stage in Berlin

MAXNOMIC® Angry Titans Edition

Follow the Angry Titans to the Overwatch Worldcup 2018 #ROADTOPARIS
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