99Damage League seated by MAXNOMIC®

Bright orange seams meet black leatherette and dark blue inlays: the MAXNOMIC® CS:GO PRO comes in original CS:GO colors and includes official CS:GO logo embroideries. The limited MAXNOMIC® 99Damage Edition is additionally embroidered with high-quality 99Damage logos and available in PRO-GAMING & OFFICE (M) size.

Make it yours: The space below the "CS:GO logo" on the back offers creative scope to make your 99Damage Edition even more personal. From an exclusive name embroidery to your team logo, almost everything is possible. The MAXNOMIC® 99Damage Edition is exclusively available at NEEDforSEAT® but only while supplies last - so hurry up!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, to perform at your best, the equipment is just what you need. MAXNOMIC® speaks for itself, it is a combination of „maximum“ and „ergonomic“ and is known to be the trusted chair of eSport champions. MAXNOMIC® partners with 99Damage to equip their community with the best gaming chairs in the world. In collaboration with 99Damage we’ve been working on a limited MAXNOMIC® 99Damage edition - we do hope you're just as excited as we are about the design!

Like our claim “PROUD TO SUPPORT PASSION” says, we are incredibly proud to be part of a well known CS:GO brand. The unique competition idea attracts casual gamers as well as amateurs and eSports professionals. With more than 2.000 participating teams the 99Damage League is the biggest Counter Strike League in the world. Over 15,000 players from the D-A-CH region facing off against one another. 

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