Standstill is setback: That's why we have always been trying to not only sell the products but develop them further and improve them continuously.

That's what we did during the last months and the result is a whole new product line that we have launched on August 27 in TaKe's Gaming Bar (Krefeld, Germany) and which we are very proud of.

You missed the show? No worries - these are our new products:


Our new MAXNOMIC® made in Germany Series has a completely new, ergonomic design. The chairs have been designed from the ground up for maximum comfort and perfect ergonomics. MADE IN GERMANY! In addition, our experience and user feedback from the last 6 years have been incorporated into the chairs, and many improvements have already been made to our already high-quality "BASIC" chairs.

More information on the MIG models and their features will follow soon!



Let us revive our tried and tested SeatQuake System: The SeatQuake MK-II is here! With this complete set consisting of the vibration unit, the SQ-AMP MK-II amplifier, cable stand and the connecting cables, you can transform your original MAXNOMIC® eSport chair into a quivering experience! Whether for ego shooter, racing game action, VR-experiences or listening to the music:
You have never experienced your games and music like this!

Compatible with all popular PC systems and game consoles.
The SeatQuake system complements your existing sound system/headset with tangible bass power in your chair. 


The SQ System MK-II can be ordered right now - the delivery takes approximately 2 weeks.



These two beauties join our MAXNOMIC® family and can now be pre-ordered in three sizes!
ERGOCEPTOR & QUADCEPTOR combine all the highlight features of the MAXNOMIC® BASIC series, such as our coveted MAXNOMIC® armrests, and add five fresh colors to our range: Luminous Bumblebee Yellow, strong Brilliant Blue, powerful Raspberry Red, bright Alien Green or more classic Slightly Silver - Which color is best for your Seat Style?

All ERGO and QUADCEPTOR models can now be ordered here - delivery is expected mid-September.


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