We've been cheering for the G2 Esports boys alongside their "army" since 2015 and that's just as long as our popular MAXNOMIC® G2 Esports edition has been available - We think it's time for an upgrade!

In collaboration with G2 we've been working on a new G2 Esports 2.0 edition during the past months and we do hope you're just as excited as we are about the new design.

The MAXNOMIC® G2 Esports 2.0 edition is available in PRO-GAMING and OFFICE-COMFORT size and every G2 chair order includes an exclusive esports certificate signed by Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez.

Additionally, the first ten buyers of a MAXNOMIC® G2 Esports 2.0 Edition will receive an original G2 Esports Jersey as well as a G2 wristband set with their order!

Check out the new designs HERE


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