DreamHack & NEEDforSEAT®: Partnership Extension 2018/2019

DreamHack & NEEDforSEAT® extend partnership throughout 2019 

We are happy to announce that we have extended our partnership with DreamHack, world's largest digital festival, throughout 2019.

MAXNOMIC® will in both 2018 and 2019 keep being the exclusive and official esports chair for several of DreamHack’s events and tournaments, including the DreamHack festivals: Tours, Austin, Summer, Valencia, Montreal, Atlanta, Winter and Sevilla.  

”NEEDforSEAT® have enhanced and developed the gaming experience to not only be about hardware and software, but also about your personal sitting conditions at home and at events” said Marcus Lindmark CEO OF DreamHack, ”NEEDforSEAT® have been a supporter and instrumental partner for us building out the world’s largest digital festival” 

In cooperation with DreamHack we have built the official MAXNOMIC® DreamHack esports gaming chair made for esports pro-gamers. For 5 years we have seeked to enhance the gaming experience together and will continue to provide high quality chairs to the DreamHack events. Especially, the official MAXNOMIC® DreamHack chairs will be found in the Stream Studio and Freeplay areas of the DreamHack events. 

The NEEDforSEAT® MAXNOMIC® DreamHack esports chairs that are only available in our online shop will be used on esports stages and will be the exclusive chair of DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix and DreamHack Open. 

To celebrate the extension of our partnership, we have prepared a little giveaway for you that gives you the opportunity to win one of three original DreamHack backpacks as well as an event pass for DreamHack Summer 2018! Good luck!

Find out more about DreamHack and our original MAXNOMIC® DreamHack editions HERE



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