A high-contrast design in black and white now completes our popular MAXNOMIC® EXECUTIVE EDITIONS. We do hope you're just as excited as we are about the new design; the brand new BWE designs are available in PRO-GAMING (M) & OFFICE-COMFORT (L) size.


Many companies have already recognized that our gaming chairs are suitable for office use because the requirements for working on the PC are the same as for gaming.

Perfect ergonomics and longevity

With our brand-new EXECUTIVE EDITIONS, we are taking account of precisely this topic - especially for the growing number of office users.

The EXECUTIVE EDITIONS can do everything our gaming chairs can and even more:

For the first time, the models of medium size (M / PRO-GAMING) have adjustable lumbar support in the back! A back cushion is not needed anymore because of this system (known from car seats). You can adjust the backrest almost entirely to your spine.

The EXECUTIVE EDITIONS models have been upholstered on the seat surface and in the backrest with a new microfibre fabric. This material has additional padding, is more breathable than pure synthetic leather, but it remains similarly easy to clean! The feeling of sitting down is just unbelievably good. 

Perfect ergonomics - Maximum seating comfort - Custom embroidery

The EXECUTIVE EDITION chairs are available in 7 colors, comes fully equipped - such as our protected 4D armrests with finger rest - and of course, all models can be embroidered additionally. From simple lettering to the company logo - everything is possible!

Available in PRO GAMING (M) and OFFICE COMFORT (L) size and adaptable by selecting different gas springs to the user's body size.

The best office chair ever, completely adjustable and offers the highest seating comfort!


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