MAXNOMIC® - Gaming seat of choice for LVL Berlin

Veritas Entertainment is opening the world's first LVL entertainment & gaming center right next to Checkpoint Charlie - Berlins most famous spot. We are happy to announce our partnership with Veritas and getting the futuristic LVL Berlin venue equipped with MAXNOMIC® LVL PRO gaming chairs.

Whether you are a noob or a professional, to perform at your best, the right equipment is just what you need. We're proud to put LVL’s logo on our MAXNOMIC® chairs and equip their multi-floor gaming center, esports arena and content studio with our high-quality products so visitors can focus on their performance without having to worry about comfort!

In collaboration with Veritas we've been working on a MAXNOMIC® LVL edition chair and we do hope you're just as excited as we are about the new design. The MAXNOMIC® LVL PRO gaming chair “has the looks” with its elaborately embroidered LVL logo and white stitching on black PU leather. This chair is made for gamers by gamers. It comes fully equipped, completely adjustable, offers the best seating comfort and brings the special LVL atmosphere straight to your ultimate comfort experience.

Imagine a place that has everything a gamer wants, the LVL creates an experience from casual to hardcore gamers. The LVL Berlin transforms a 2.500 square meter space into a multi-floor entertainment center with it’s own gaming area, esports arena, content studios and even a burger restaurant. With its 4.5 meter high glass dome LVL Berlin brings esports tournaments to the next level. The players can remain concentrated even with the fans and casters cheering on the teams, because the dome absorbs all of that outside sound.

Dorian Gorr, managing director for Veritas Entertainment, told The Esports Observer - “Think of it a little bit like Hard Rock Café meets Soho House, but for esports and gaming.” LVL Berlin is much more than a LAN café, it builds a platform for many other things, a place where casual gamers, esports fans, professional gamer and content creators can interact and come together. Since live content can be produced anywhere in the venue, Veritas Entertainment will present various formats and broadcasts in future.

Visit LVL Berlin, you will be surprised, it feels like a bridge between the old and new world.


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