MIG-SERIES – We are incredibly proud

The first eSports Gaming seat made in Germany by NEEDforSEAT®

Our new MAXNOMIC® made in Germany Series comes with a completely new, ergonomic and protected design. The chairs have been developed from scratch in cooperation with König Komfort- und Rennsitze GmbH and will be exclusively manufactured for us to achieve the maximum comfort and perfect ergonomics - MADE IN GERMANY! In addition, our experience and user feedback from the past 6 years have been incorporated into the chairs and many improvements have already been implemented in comparison to our already high-quality "BASIC" chairs.

Our MIG-SERIES is pre-orderable from 08.09.2017 and starts from 599,00 EUR. 


  • Height-adjustable headrest as in the car with an elegant removable/replaceable head pillow that remains at its position at all times. The head pillow is (hand)washable.
  • Sufficient freedom of movement in the shoulder area thanks to the new unique design of the MIG-SERIES.
  • The shape of the seat cushion has been optimized. It does not restrict the user sideways since we have flattened the sitting element in the front area and have resigned a rigid frame in the upholstery. Nevertheless, an excellent lateral support of the pelvic floor is ensured by the high foam quality and the shaping.
  • A freely adjustable lumbar support for all MIG-SERIES models.
  • The steel tube frame has a completely new design and it is even more stable than the one of the "BASIC" chairs. The same applies to the joints, the adjustment levers and the tilt-mechanism. The production tolerances have been significantly reduced - Made in Germany!
  • The MIG-SERIES has an improved multi-layer PU foam padding. This padding is softer in the upper seating area and becomes more and more firm downwards. This has been achieved by an elaborate spraying technique of the foam, so that an extremely comfortable sitting is possible without neglecting the supporting function of the padding. Not too hard, not too soft and it just feels really good.
  • The upper material has been optimized. It is made of extremely high-quality artificial leather which in texture and haptics is almost no longer distinguishable from real leather but is easier to clean than real leather and still very durable.
  • The design protected star base made of aluminum is absolutely unique. The elegant outriggers with the hollow grooves (indentations) and the anti-slide ribs at the end of the booms is a real eye catcher. In addition to its extremely high load-bearing capacity, it has a high-quality powder coating (similar to car-rims). The "BASIC" footrest is "only" lacquered.
  • The load-dependent braked wheels are significantly larger with a wheel diameter of 65mm compared to the "BASIC" models. Even on rough (tiled) floors a comfortable rolling is possible. The wheels will be available in two versions (for hard and soft floors)
  • All plastic parts on the chair, e.g. the side covers, have got their own design, they are made of a very impact-resistant and high-quality synthetics. Production tolerances have also significantly been reduced.
  • The new anti-stress arm-rest with ultra soft padding and 4D function is a further developed version of our already known 4D armrest with finger-rest. The arm-rest is even bigger and comes with an improved padding. Additionally it offers a softpad which has the same function as an anti-stress ball.

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