We have upgraded one of our esports classics – the TaKeTV edition:

Now it’s time for the original MAXNOMIC® TaKeTV Ultra edition!

More features, an outstanding but classy design and the highest level of comfort make the new TaKeTV Ultra edition a must-have for every gamer:

The brand new closed backrest creates an even nobler look and provides enough space for the high-quality embroidery of the popular Ultra logo that decorates the backrest on the front and back. Combined with red seams on black faux leather, the TaKeTV Ultra model is quite an eye-catcher!

A small Ultra logo has been elaborately sewn to the front of the sitting element. The smooth synthetic suede inlays on the sides of the backrest and sitting element make the look just perfect.

Additionally we have equipped the TaKeTV Ultra version with our unique and design protected MAXNOMIC® armrests with fingerrests that enable you to relax your stressed gamer hands during game breaks.


Classy. Classier. ULTRA.


About TaKeTV:

TaKeTV has been established by former Warcraft III progamer Dennis „TaKe“ Gehlen in Krefeld, Germany, in 2010. It is the biggest German provider for international esport content and tournaments – and NEEDforSEAT® partner right from the start.

Today, the TaKeTV studios are located in a 2,000sqm location – including TaKe’s Gaming Bar where you can try our original MAXNOMIC® seats while gaming with your friends.


Find out more about TaKeTV here.

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