Team Liquid Christmas Special

Watch out Team Liquid fans: Christmas is coming and your favorite team has a special surprise for you! The boys would like to share their favorite MAXNOMIC® TEAM LIQUID 2.0 highlight with you: The name embroidery! So don't wait too long. Do it like Doublelift: Embroider your name on your MAXNOMIC® and become part of the Team Liquid family!


How it works:

1. Choose between the TEAM LIQUID PRO 2.0 or TEAM LIQUID OFC 2.0

2. Enter discount code "DOUBLELIFT"

3. Type in your 11 characters embroidery

4. Select the embroidery color

5. Add to cart ✔



And now you just have to wait! By the way: Sold-out products can be pre-ordered and will be sent to you on the next possible delivery date!

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