You have been waiting for a long time - now the day has come:

The brand new ESL 3.0 chairs arrived! The brand new and incredibly classy design could be seen at the IEM Katowice for the first time. Since that day we have been overrun with requests!

Now they are available in two sizes: ESL PRO 3.0 and ESL OFC 3.0

Black durable synthetic leather, light seams, and inlays made of breathable synthetic suede. To cut a long story short: Whether on the eSports stages, at home as a gaming chair or for work in the office - the new ESL 3.0 chairs are a MUST HAVE!

Since 2011, we have been working closely with the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and since 2014 professional players worldwide are sitting on our original MAXNOMIC® chairs. Currently, we are now in the 3rd generation and this new evolutionary stage sets unique standards in design, equipment and material quality.

And there is a special surprise for all the bargain hunters: From now on there is a 20% discount on the previous models (ESL 2.0) - only while stocks last!

Sit like the pros on stage - NEEDforSEAT® and the ESL wish you a happy shopping!

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