You’d like to not only see and hear games, music and movies but FEEL them? The SeatQuake system for our MAXNOMIC® eSports seats makes it possible!

SeatQuake enables you to feel low-pitched sounds. While you used to just sit in front of the monitor, you can now experience games, music and movies in a whole new way!

SeatQuake works with gaming consoles, computers, portable players and many other audio sources.



The SeatQuake base unit consists of a 5mm thick solid aluminum plate that is custom-made for our MAXNOMIC® eSports seats and will be screwed together between the sitting element and the tilt mechanism. At the end of the plate is the vibration unit that basically works like a bass speaker (subwoofer) without an oscillating membrane but a weight inside the unit.

The vibrations (impact sounds) are being transmitted directly to the chair’s sitting element, the back rest and finally to the user.

The system hardly makes any noise! Therefore you can play at moderate volumes or listen to music while enjoying the full bass experience as the unit can be controlled separately with the SQ AMP.

You won’t believe it until you’ve tried. But beware: Danger of addiction! ;-)

SeatQuake_3 The system is powered by a separate subwoofer amplifier, the SQ AMP. It is specially designed for the SeatQuake base unit and will be delivered in a fancy anthracite-coloured MDF housing. Power and frequency range may be easily adjusted to your preferences via rotary controls.

Cables for the most common connections are included in the package. If you have unique connection requirements or in case are not certain what kind of connection you need, just send us your request viae-mail or use our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

The SeatQuake base unit will be connected via the included* speaker cable with jack plug. 
If you’d like to use the chair without SeatQuake, e.g. for work,  simply disconnect the cable.

In order to prevent accidental rolling over the speaker cable, the SeatQuake KIT also includes the SQ Cable Stand. The stand keeps the cable at a proper height and distance and may be placed behind the chair, giving you plenty of room to move.


We combine all these components in a complete set: the SeatQuake KIT. This complete set turns your gaming chair into a whole new experience!

Stop by and try our SeatQuake system in our showroom in Vellmar (Germany)!



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