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Synthetic Leather Cleaner + Intensive Protection

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"Synthetic Leather Cleaner + Intensive Protection"

The perfect cleaning and care set for your original MAXNOMIC® gaming chair.

The set consists of:

1 x artificial leather cleaner, that also removes engrained dirt from the artificial leather – e.g. stains from dark jeans – but the material does not get affected by it.

1 x artificial leather intensive protection, that nourishes and seals the material after cleaning. This significantly extends the life of the outer material, as it prevents the wear layer from drying out and prevents aggressive substances from ingressing into the material.

Both solutions have been specially tested for the artificial leather used for our chairs. Optimal results can only be achieved by using cleaning and protection products separately. We strongly advice not to use only one product that is supposed to combine both in one product or even worse: real leather care. Both can cause irreparable damage to the artificial leather!

Only the MAXNOMIC® artificial leather cleaner & intensive protection guarantees perfect cleaning and care of your original MAXNOMIC® chair. Set is sufficient for 5 – 10 applications, depending on the degree of soiling / use of the chair.

Please note the enclosed cleaning and care instructions. The product is only suitable for artificial leather! Do not use on other surfaces, such as real leather, textiles, velor or microfiber covers!

Scope of delivery:

1 x artificial leather cleaner: 50 ml

1 x artificial leather intensive protection: 50 ml ℮

1 x sponge

1 x cloth


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